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We are a young 3D studio base in Hanoi – Vietnam with full skills and experience of sculpting, rendering and animation for all type of PC, console, mobile games, broadcast design and tv.
Has grouped up as a team of 3D artist, now we focus on studying procedure of production and training as well for both our team members and many of our followers, students who has great desire to join this industry.
We are looking for partners, outsourcing customers to help our guys be trained on realistic works and profesional markets with high requirement so we are willing to learn and form our young talents base on your experience for your best products.
With the advantages of geographical location we can provide services at very competitive prices. If you like us, please sent mail to:
Thanks & Best Regards!
L studio 3D tr? t?i H N?i v?i trnh ?? chuyn m?n cao & kinh nghi?m nhi?u n?m trong cc d? n Ki?n Trc, Film & Game, chng t?i cung c?p d?ch v? di?n ho?, thi?t k? Ki?n Trc, thi?t k? Concept, d?ng hnh v di?n ho?t m? hnh Game, TVC qu?ng co 3D.
Hi?n t?i chng t?i t?p trung vo m?ng ?o t?o ?? h?a 3D & Concept Design cho cc c nhan & t? ch?c. V?i th? m?nh ??i ng? t?p h?p t? nhi?u l?nh v?c v?i chuyn m?n cao & kinh nghi?m lm vi?c t?i cc v? tr quan tr?ng trong cc c?ng ty & studio l?n, chng t?i cam k?t s? ?em ??n ch?t l??ng ?o t?o t?t nh?t v ??nh h??ng chnh xc con ???ng ng?n nh?t gip b?n rt ng?n v trnh l?ng ph th?i gian h?c t?p.
Album bi h?c vin c?a chng t?i s? l l?i kh?ng ??nh r? nh?t v? ch?t l??ng ?o t?o:
Th?ng tin cc kha ?o t?o:

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